To provide competitive and recreational basketball for 1st grade to 8th grade.

Sponsored By:   Lexus of Northborough
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Parents, Players,

Please be extra vigilant moving forward in enforcing the Nothborough Public Schools Rules and Regulations as Outlined Below. Remember without access to the School Gyms there is no Northborough Youth Basketball!

Northborough Youth Basketball Court Coordinator,

Thank you for your e-mails requesting use of the gymnasiums in our schools. We are able to provide space at our facilities for much of your season. We are happy to offer this space with the understanding that the Northborough Youth Basketball Association coaches and players will be respectful of our school buildings and the staffs who work there. Your cooperation with the following expectations will assure a cooperative relationship between your organization and our schools.

1) Please provide a schedule of teams and coaches who will be using the facilities on specific days and times. As in previous years, coaches and teams will need to sign in and take responsibility for the facility and the behavior of the players and spectators. You are only allowed access to the gymnasium and assigned restrooms during your use of our facilities.

2) The equipment located in our gymnasiums is for Physical Education class use. At no time should coaches, players, and spectators be using any equipment located in any of the facilities (i.e. exercise mats, climbing equipment, gymnastics equipment). Tape should not be put on the gymnasium floor at any time. If the height of baskets is adjusted for NYBA use, the coach should return the baskets to the original height for the following day.

3) Our gymnasiums are used for physical activity. Therefore, no food or drink is allowed at ANY time. The coaches of your teams will need to be diligent in supervising players, spectators, and parents to maintain this rule.

4) Coaches must supervise players at all times. Parents must supervise siblings at all times.

5) Our evening custodial staff has a great deal of work to accomplish. If the custodian makes a request, please be respectful of these requests.

6) Each school will designate a specific entrance for your use. Please respect these requests and use ONLY these entrances.

7)  Cancellations for weather conditions or custodial staffing will be made by the school. In the event of an early school closing, Denise DePaolo will be notified as the point person for all coaches.

8)  Any incidents will be reported to the Northborough Youth Basketball Association. Your cooperation in addressing the players, coaches, and parents in a timely manner will be appreciated.

Each school will provide you with a schedule of available space. The priority for building use in our schools is school based programs (i.e. PTO events, school community events). Beginning and ending times for our schools are based on the needs of each individual school. Lincoln Street and Peaslee can begin their programs at 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Proctor and Zeh will operate from 6:30 – 9:00 PM.

Please send your complete schedule of dates, times, and coaches to the individual schools. This will be provided to the custodial staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know as soon as possible. We wish you a successful basketball season and hope your coaches and players enjoy using our facilities.